marina and river lodge in rio dulceAdvance reservations are recommended beginning in May for hurricane season, which is June through and water activities in rio dulceTortugal is located between The Bridge and Castillo San Felipe about a mile upriver from the very busy little village of Fronteras, Rio Dulce.GPS: 15º 38.988´ N 90.0 VHF: 68

The advantageous location and the peninsula setting offer clean water, cooling breezes, few insects and locational security. Tortugal is a pleasant walk through a beautiful hardwood and cacao plantation to the Fronteras markets and merchants or to Castillo San Felipe.

Making new friends over a cup of free coffee or tea in the early morning is Tortugal tradition and has established a community environment. The in the river location of the Restaurant at Tortugal gives a panoramic view of early morning sunrise and river traffic. Good homemade food is served rapidly by efficient, friendly staff.

Bathroom facilities are large and clean. Abundant hot water showers are legendary. The Laundry service uses front loading Speed Queen commercial washers and dryers that really do the job. Wireless internet for normal use is provided to the docks.
Drinking water (blue) is filtered, chlorinated, UV treated, pressurized. Wash down water(yellow) is untreated, pressurized.

Boats receive the best possible maintenance and individualized services offered by talented, intelligent, responsible, hardworking, caring staff. Pilings at Tortugal have been pounded into the substrata and are solid. Some side ties are offered.
Security: The docks are well illuminated at night. Personnel are present 24/7.

No ground tackle is required. Pilings at Tortugal have been pounded into the substrata and are solid.

Security: The docks are well illuminated at night. Personnel are present 24/7. All outside workers must be approved by Tortugal.

For security reasons, all outside workers must be approved by Tortugal.

Electricity: Available in 110V and 220V up to 50 Amps. Metered separately and paid in addition to the Slip Fee.

Water: Pressurized potable water at each dock pedestal. Separate pressurized connection for wash down. Water usage is included in slip fees.

Laundry: washed, dried, folded and ready for pick-up.

Bathrooms: Tortugal has one of the finest showers you can find in Guatemala. The water is honest-to-goodness hot, filtered, and fresh. Bathrooms are clean and comfortable.

Restaurant: Tortugal restaurant/bar is open 7am until 9pm. Delicious homemade food. With a gorgeous view that can’t be beat.

Internet: Wi-fi internet from the comfort of your boat, gratis.

Do-it-Youself: Two workshops on site.

If you wish to leave your boat and go home, or decide to travel for a few months throughout Central America by land, our professionally trained marina staff will work on a regular basis to insure you are pleasantly welcomed upon your return to a clean, fresh and well taken care of boat.

  • Interior of boat aired out
  • Battery fluids checked
  • Bilges checked for water
  • Problems will be noted and corrected as possible
  • Decks washed and the hull(s) cleaned
  • Ozone machine used to keep mildew & pests away
  • Dehumidifier may also be recommended

All services above can be as personalized or modified as you wish. Extra charges may apply.

directions to rio dulce from the caribean 

Crossing the Bar:

Photographer Steve Jost gave us this report on “tipping” a deep draft boat across the bar at the mouth of the Rio Dulce:


“I might add for your web viewers, that the “tipping” process was a lot less stressful than I thought it would be. Basically, the “tipping” boat just takes one of your halyards and attaches it to another 150′ line on his boat. He then motors off on your beam and takes up the tension on the line. You can then control the heeling by motoring toward or away from the “tipping” boat at your own pace… he just keeps the tension on the line. It only took us about 10 minutes to get across.


Total price: $50.00US…sure beats overheating the engine trying to plow through the mud!”


Steve Jost